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New Soracom Arc - Secure link service for connecting to Soracom using Wi-Fi, ethernet, satellite, and other Internet connections.
New Connectivity Diagnostics - A new troubleshooting tool for checking Soracom Air for Cellular connectivity issues.
New Ping Test - A new troubleshooting tool for pinging Soracom Air for Cellular devices from the network.
Updated Soracom Air Subscription Containers - Lower fees for Subscription Container usage.

New Soracom Peek - You can now perform packet capture on an individual SIM without the need to create a VPG. Additionally, you can stop an ongoing packet capture session in order to finish the session earlier.

New Email Settings - You can now register a recovery email address to your account, and specify additional email addresses for receiving billing notifications.
Updated Soracom Air: Event Handler - Support for ${tag.<key>} variables in Event Handler action content, and also IMEI Mismatched rule.
Updated Soracom Beam - New options to add MSISDN and SIM ID to HTTP/HTTPS request headers and TCP/TCPS data.

New Soracom Air Plan-NA1 - New subscription with a simple monthly price, providing coverage in United States and Canada.

Updated Soracom Krypton - Control AWS IoT bootstrap behavior for integrating Krypton's device provisioning service in resource-constrained devices.

New Soracom Air Subscription Containers - Add multiple subscriptions to a SIM to expand coverage and access lower data rates.
New Soracom Orbit - Process device data directly on the Soracom platform without setting up any servers or cloud services.
New Soracom Peek - Capture packets on-demand for traffic inspection and network troubleshooting.
Updated Virtual Private Gateway - New Type-E and Type-F VPGs with more functionality and lower fees.

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