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New Soracom Air Subscription Containers - Add multiple subscriptions to a SIM to expand coverage and access lower data rates.
New Soracom Orbit - Process device data directly on the Soracom platform without setting up any servers or cloud services.
New Soracom Peek - Capture packets on-demand for traffic inspection and network troubleshooting.
Updated Virtual Private Gateway - New Type-E and Type-F VPGs with more functionality and lower fees.

Check out the docs to get started today, or contact us for more information!

Soracom Air Event Handler can now be configured directly from the User Console. For more information, refer to the updated Event Handler documentation.

Soracom Napter now provides an Audit Log that allows you troubleshoot remote device access problems as well as verify remote connection attempts to your devices. For more information, refer to the Audit Logs documentation.

Virtual Private Gateways now have an Outbound Filter option that lets you define traffic routing rules in order to control which network resources your devices are allowed to access. For more information, refer to the Outbound Filter documentation.

Soracom Air SMS functionality has been updated so that messages sent to devices will be sent using service code 901001 in order to support devices that automatically send replies to the sender number. Reply messages sent to service code 901001 can then be captured using Unified Endpoint, and handled using Soracom Beam, Funnel, Funk, and Harvest.

For more information, refer to the SMS & USSD documentation.

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