API Reference

The Soracom API allows you to manage resources on the Soracom platform programmatically using HTTP requests. This reference not only provides an overview of available APIs, but allows you to execute them directly on the page in order to test and confirm API behavior.

For more details on how to use the API Reference, refer to the API Usage Guide .

APIs called on this page are executed against the authenticated account. In addition to basic management operations such as getting device data and setting groups, APIs on this page can be used to terminate subscribers or activate billable services. Please confirm your intention before executing API calls.

Additional API References

For information on API methods specific for Soracom Krypton, refer to the Soracom Krypton API Reference documentation.

For information on the API Sandbox environment, refer to the API Sandbox Guide and API Sandbox Reference documentation.


To execute API calls from this page, you must first authenticate your Soracom account using one of the following authentication methods:

Once authenticated, an API key will be generated and will automatically be appended to any API calls executed on this page.

Each API call will be executed in the selected coverage area (API endpoint), Global or Japan. If your account has been approved for multi-region coverage, you can switch API endpoints.

API Methods