Lagoon provides built-in alerting functionality that allows you to quickly identify potential issues based on the data reported from your devices directly on a dashboard, or receive the alerts as notifications at an email address, on Slack, or through another notification channel.

Alerts are comprised of two components:

When an Alert is created, a Graph panel will be updated to include an indicator of the alert condition threshold, and the panel will automatically display the alert once the condition has been met, allowing you to quickly identify the alert status directly from the Lagoon dashboard.


Each alert will have one of the following alerting statuses:

When an alerting status changes, the panel appearance will change when the dashboard is refreshed.

Alerts are available for Graph panels .

If an Alert is also configured to use an Alert Channel, the new alerting status, along with an optional custom message, will be sent to the alert channel, allowing you to receive the alert even if you do not have the Lagoon dashboard open.

Available Alert Channels include email, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Microsoft Teams, standard HTTP POST webhooks, and many other services.

Creating an Alert

  1. Login to the Lagoon Console for your region, and open a dashboard.

  2. Find the graph panel that you want to edit.

  3. Click the Panel Title, then select Edit to configure the panel.

  4. Click the Alert tab, then click Create Alert.

    Panel alert

Alert Config

Alert config

Alert Config


If no data or all values are null - The alerting state to use if no data is found, or if all values are null. Available options:

If execution error or timeout - The alerting state to use in the event the alert status cannot be determined. Available options:




Creating an Alert Channel

  1. Login to the Lagoon Console for your region.

  2. Hover over the menu, then select Notification channels.


  3. Click the Add channel button.

    Add channel

  4. Configure the notification channel.

    Notification channel

New Notification Channel

Settings - Configuration settings for the notification channel (varies by notification channel Type).


Lagoon dashboard data, and in turn any dashboard alerts, are updated at intervals based on your Lagoon subscription:

You can also set slower intervals for alerts, in order to limit how often you receive notifications.