Dynamic Image Panel

The Dynamic Image Panel displays an image or picture which is dynamically updated when a metric value changes or when a new image is uploaded. This panel can be used to create graphical representations of numerical values, such as depicting battery percentage values as a battery icon, or displaying pictures taken by a device's camera as they are uploaded.


The dynamic image panel has three modes of operation:

The dynamic image panel mode can be configured from the Settings tab.

Compared to Image Panel

By comparison, the Image Panel does not dynamically modify the image. Instead, it displays a static background image, which can then be overlayed with a series of icons or metric values. The image panel allows you to arrange a series of metrics spatially, such as displaying temperature and humidity for each room on top of a floorplan, or the operational status of individual components on top of a process diagram.

Creating a Dynamic Image Panel

  1. Click the Add panel button at the top of the dashboard.

  2. From the list of available panels, select Soracom Dynamic Image Panel.

    The dynamic image panel will be added to your dashboard.


    Dynamic image panel

Editing Panel Settings

To edit the dynamic image panel settings, click the Panel Title, then select Edit.


The General tab lets you configure basic panel settings. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: General documentation for more information.


The Metrics tab lets you configure the data series source. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Metrics documentation for more information.

In addition to selecting a metric using a Standard query, you can specify the data source as a Table query:


The Settings tab lets you configure how the image should dynamically change. The dynamic image panel supports three modes of operation:


Dynamic Mode

When the dynamic image panel Mode is set to Dynamic, you can convert a continuous range of one or more metric values to a discrete number of images, such as mapping a battery level range 0% - 100% to a set of images with filenames battery-0.png, battery-25.png, battery-50.png, battery-75.png, and battery-100.png.


Dynamic image panel dynamic mode options

To select a metric and configure how its values should be mapped into the image URL parameters, click the Add Variable button. Each variable will correspond to one metric, and the mapped value will appear in the Current Value field above.


Show all image links - Show all permutations of image URLs based on the variables settings.

Harvest Files Mode

When the dynamic image panel Mode is set to Harvest Files, images that are uploaded to Harvest Files will be displayed in the panel, and automatically updated as new images are uploaded.

In order to use Harvest Files mode, you must enable and configure Harvest Files with the following settings:

  • Harvest Files must be enabled
  • The Log file uploading event to Harvest Data option must be enabled
  • Optionally specify a Path pattern so that logging only occurs when image files are uploaded

For more information, refer to the Harvest Files: Configuration documentation.


Dynamic image panel Harvest Files mode options

Once Harvest Files has been enabled and configured, you can then configure the dynamic image panel to display images:

URL Mode

When the dynamic image panel Mode is set to URL, a metric that contains the URL of an image will be used as the link where an image is located.

This mode is similar to the Harvest Files mode, but instead of uploading image files to Harvest Files, you can upload the files directly to your own server or a cloud storage service. Your device will need to save the URL of the uploaded file to Harvest Data so that Lagoon understands where the image is located.

Time Range

The Time Range tab lets you adjust the range of data to use. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Time Range documentation for more information.