Graph Panel

The Graph Panel displays data series as a graph or chart, and provides several options for configuring the look and feel of the panel. You can configure a graph panel to render a simple line, area, or bar graph, a histogram, or multiple series. You can also override individual data series in order to mix and match different visualization options in order to create simple yet informative graphs. Graph panels also give you the ability to create alerts in order to receive notifications when a particular metric exceeds a specified value.


The graph panel has three modes of operation:

The graph panel mode can be configured from the Axes tab.

Creating a Graph Panel

  1. Click the Add panel button at the top of the dashboard.

  2. From the list of available panels, select Graph.

    The graph panel will be added to your dashboard.

    Graph panel

Editing Panel Settings

To edit the graph panel settings, click the Panel Title, then select Edit.


The General tab lets you configure basic panel settings. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: General documentation for more information.


The Metrics tab lets you configure the data series source. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Metrics documentation for more information.


The Axes tab lets you configure the graph area.

Graph panel axes options

Left Y and Right Y




The Legend tab lets you configure a legend that is displayed together with the graph.

Graph panel legend options



Hide series


The Display tab lets you configure the basic look and feel of the graph, and also configure overrides for individual data series.

Graph panel display options

Draw options

Draw Modes

Mode Options

Hover tooltip

Stacking & Null value

Series overrides

This section allows you to select a specific data series and override individual display settings, such as changing the bar, line, or point display mode, choosing a different color, adding dashes, and assigning the data series to the second Y-axis.

Graph panel series override options

For each override, the alias or regex option should be a string or regular expression that matches the name of a metric.


This section allows you to create arbitrary lines to make it easier to see when a metric passes a particular value.

Graph panel thresholds options

A threshold only provides a visualization within the panel and does not provide any notification functionality when a metric passes a threshold. For additional behavior, use the Alert settings instead. When alerts are enabled for the panel, the Thresholds configuration will have no effect.


The Alert tab lets you configure thresholds for each metric and how notifications should be sent when a metric passes a threshold. Refer to the Lagoon Alerts documentation for more information.

Time Range

The Time Range tab lets you adjust the range of data to use. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Time Range documentation for more information.

Additional Resources

More information about the graph panel can be found in the Grafana: Graph Panel documentation.