License Packs

When subscribed to the Lagoon Pro plan, you can add more Lagoon users and dashboards according to your requirements. By default, the Pro plan includes 5 dashboards, 20 alerts, 1 editor, and 9 viewers.

Adding more users or dashboards is done by adding license packs to your Lagoon Pro subscription.

Each license pack adds the following limits:

Adding or Removing License Packs

  1. Login to the User Console. From the Menu, open the SORACOM Lagoon screen.

  2. Click the Manage license packs button.

    Manage license packs

  3. Edit the number of User packs and Dashboard packs as needed. For your reference, the total number of dashboards, alerts, editors, and viewers will be displayed based on the number of license packs you have selected.

    License Packs

  4. Click the Update button.

When modifying your Lagoon Pro license packs, the greater of the selected packs will be billed to your Soracom account. For example:

  • If you increase the number of license packs, your account will be charged according to new number of license packs added for the current and subsequent months.
  • If you decrease the number of license packs, you will be charged for the higher number of license packs for the current month, and charges for the reduced number of license packs will take effect the following month.