Map Panel

The Map Panel displays a map with a series of data points based on their corresponding geographic coordinates. The series can simply be a static collection of data, such as reading the latest value of a collection of sensors that are distributed geographically, or it can be time-bound, such as tracking the geographic location of a device as it moves around.

For each data series, you can select an additional value, such as temperature, humidity, signal, or other numerical value, and configure the marker on the map to change based on the reported value, such as changing the marker color or displaying custom icons.

Compared to Worldmap Panel

The Worldmap Panel is a legacy panel with a number of limitations that is maintained for users who have developed dashboards on older versions of Lagoon. As the map panel provides greater flexibility in configuring the look and feel of the map and its markers, we recommend users to develop maps for their Lagoon dashboards using the Map Panel instead.

Creating a Map Panel

  1. Click the Add panel button at the top of the dashboard.

  2. From the list of available panels, select Soracom Map Panel.

    The map panel will be added to your dashboard.

    Map panel

Editing Panel Settings

To edit the map panel settings, click the Panel Title, then select Edit.


The General tab lets you configure basic panel settings. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: General documentation for more information.


The Metrics tab lets you configure the data series source. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Metrics documentation for more information.

Unlike other panels, with the map panel you must add a metric using a Map query. After selecting a device or group to display on the map, you must select the data attributes which correspond to Latitude and Longitude.

For example, if your device sends data to Harvest Data using the following format:

  "lat": 27.9881,
  "lon": 86.9250,
  "temp": 23.7,
  "humid": 0.75,
  // ...other data

Then your metric should be configured as:

The other data values, such as temp and humid, will be available in the Map Options section.

Map Options

The Map Options tab lets you configure basic map settings and individual marker series settings.

Map panel map options

Map Visual Options

Map panel query options

Query Options

Hide Series

GeoJSON - You can use this setting to add custom markers to the map panel. The data should be provided in GeoJSON format ( RFC 7946 ).

Time Range

The Time Range tab lets you adjust the range of data to use. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Time Range documentation for more information.