Row Panel

The Row Panel allows you to organize one or more other Lagoon panels into different groups within a single dashboard. Row panels allow you to divide a dashboard into different sections, quickly show or hide panels within each section, and also move groups of panels when editing dashboards.

Creating a Row

  1. Click the Add panel button at the top of the dashboard.

  2. From the list of available panels, select Row.

    The row will be added to your dashboard.

    Row panel

Any panels below the row title will be automatically grouped to that row. You can then click the row title to quickly show or hide the panels in the section.


To edit row options, hover over the row title, then click the icon.

Edit row

You can then configure the following row options:

Row options

When using dashboard variables, please note that Lagoon does not support dynamically modifying metrics or queries with variables.

Deleting a Row

To delete a row, hover over the row title, then click the icon.

Delete row

Then select whether or not the panels currently in the row should also be deleted:

Confirm delete