Table Panel

The Table Panel displays a data series, annotation, and even raw JSON data in a table format. You can configure date and value formatting for each data series, and even specify text, cell, and row color highlighting rules based on the values.


The table panel supports several methods of organizing or transforming data:

In addition, the table panel also supports an annotations mode which will display a list of annotations that have been added to the dashboard. When using this mode, any queries in the metrics tab are ignored.

The table panel mode can be configured from the Options tab.

Creating a Table Panel

  1. Click the Add panel button at the top of the dashboard.

  2. From the list of available panels, select Table.

    The table panel will be added to your dashboard.

    Table panel

Editing Panel Settings

To edit the table panel settings, click the Panel Title, then select Edit.


The General tab lets you configure basic panel settings. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: General documentation for more information.


The Metrics tab lets you configure the data series source. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Metrics documentation for more information.

In addition to selecting a metric using a Standard query, you can specify the data source as a Table query:


The Options tab lets you configure basic settings that apply to the whole table.

Table panel options



Column Styles

The Column Style tab lets you configure formatting and color settings that apply individual columns in the table.

Table panel column styles

Column styles are configured by adding and removing rules. Each rule can be applied to one or more columns by editing the Apply to columns named option. You can then modify additional settings to customize the formatting and color settings for the selected columns:




The following options can be configured when the Type is set to Number.




The following options can be configured when the Type is set to String. If the original value is a number, you can also configure Value Mappings to create custom text labels that correspond to specific values or value rangs, as well as Thresholds to configure colors that are applied based on the cell value.


Value Mappings

Thresholds - See the Number: Thresholds options above.


The following options can be configured when the Type is set to Date.


Time Range

The Time Range tab lets you adjust the range of data to use. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Time Range documentation for more information.

Additional Resources

More information about the table panel can be found in the Grafana: Table Panel documentation.