Worldmap Panel

The Worldmap Panel has been deprecated in favor of the Map Panel. The worldmap panel is still provided as a legacy panel for users who have built dashboards with earlier versions of Lagoon. In most cases, the map panel will provide better functionality. Refer to the Map Panel documentation for more information.

The Worldmap Panel displays a basic map with a series of data points based on their corresponding geographic coordinates. In addition to placing markers on a map based on geographic coordinates, each marker can be customized so that its relative size or color varies depending on the value of a separate metric, such as temperature, humidity, or signal.


As Lagoon only supports Harvest Data as a data source, importing location data from external data sources is not supported. In addition, Harvest Data queries are pre-defined and cannot be modified. As a result, data collected from devices and sent to Harvest Data can only be displayed when the worldmap panel Location Data mode is set to json result, and other modes are not supported.

Compared to Map Panel

For most use cases, the Map Panel will provide better functionality, such as customizing the look and feel of the base map, using custom icons for each marker based on a metric value, connecting markers with lines to visualize the path of movement, and adding custom GeoJSON data.

Creating a Worldmap Panel

  1. Click the Add panel button at the top of the dashboard.

  2. From the list of available panels, select Worldmap Panel.

    The map panel will be added to your dashboard.

    Worldmap panel

Editing Panel Settings

To edit the worldmap panel settings, click the Panel Title, then select Edit.


The General tab lets you configure basic panel settings. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: General documentation for more information.


The Metrics tab lets you configure the data series source. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Metrics documentation for more information.

Unlike other panels, the worldmap panel also uses a Map query in addition to a Standard query, and you must add one of each in order to render markers on the map.

For example, if your device sends data to Harvest Data using the following format:

  "lat": 27.9881,
  "lon": 86.9250,
  "temp": 23.7,
  "humid": 0.75,
  // ...other data

Then you will need to add the following queries:


The Worldmap tab lets you configure the geographic coordinate data source and display settings for the metric.

The following settings cover the minimum requirements for configuring the worldmap panel for use with data collected in Harvest Data. For more information on additional options and what they do, please refer to the worldmap panel documentation below.

Map Data Options

Time Range

The Time Range tab lets you adjust the range of data to use. Refer to the Lagoon Panels: Time Range documentation for more information.

Additional Resources

More information about the worldmap panel can be found in the Grafana: Worldmap Panel plugin documentation.