Krypton API Reference

Soracom Krypton's Provisioning API allows you to perform provisioning with AWS IoT, Amazon Cognito, Azure IoT Hub, and Soracom Inventory service providers.

Each service provider is available through its own API method, provided the service provider has been configured for use with Krypton, and that Krypton has been configured with the corresponding authentication credentials. For more information, refer to the following documentation:

Additionally, API methods for creating and managing keys are available when using Soracom Endorse as the device authentication method.

API Endpoints

In order to access the Soracom Krypton /provisioning API methods, your device should access one of the following endpoints:

In order to access the Soracom Endorse /keys API methods, your device should be equipped with a plan01s or plan01s - LDV SIM card, and should access the API using the following API endpoint:

API Methods