Service Overview

Soracom provides a comprehensive set of connectivity and application service solutions that allow you to scale the various components and stages of your IoT project.

The Soracom platform is built on a global infrastructure with celllar and LPWA partners around the world, providing connectivity for cellular, Sigfox, and LoRaWAN devices through the Soracom Air connectivity service. By simply using a Soracom Air SIM card or registering an LPWA device with Soracom Air, gain complete visibility and extensive management capabilities of your devices.

Each of Soracom's additional services builds upon Soracom Air, and provides functionality only possible through Soracom's close integration between device connectivity and cloud infrastructure. Networking services extend your private network to the cellular cloud, allowing your devices to connect directly to your backend, while application services provide scalable solutions for common IoT challenges with data transfer, device security, and extended integration with major IoT services.

Soracom gives you the power and flexibility to pick and choose services that make sense for your application, no matter your project phase or scale, providing solutions to typical IoT questions:

On top of each application solution, the entire Soracom platform can be managed from the User Console, or controlled programmatically through the Soracom API and CLI, allowing you to integrate device management and service functionality directly within your application.