Getting to Know the Soracom User Console

Soracom provides an easy-to-use User Console for managing Soracom Air SIMs with a web browser. At the top of the User Console is a menu bar containing primary functions:

Main Menus

The top menu buttons allow you to navigate between different parts of the User Console.

User Console

SIM Management

The SIM Management screen is where most SIM management functions are found. When you log in to the User Console, this screen is shown by default.

SIM Management Overview

Common Actions

Below the action buttons and search area, a list of SIMs will be displayed. You can use the button to customize which columns are visible in the list.

Please note that if a user has over 100 SIMs, the ability to sort the various columns will be disabled.

List Actions

For your convenience, you can perform the following common tasks directly within the list:

Change an Air SIM's Name
  1. Hover your mouse over the Name column for a particular SIM.
  2. A icon will appear. Click the icon.
  3. Press Enter to save the changes.
Change an Air SIM's Speed Class
  1. Find the Speed class column for a particular SIM.
  2. Click the dropdown menu, then select the new speed class for the SIM.
Change an Air SIM's Expiration
  1. Hover your mouse over the Expiry Date / Time column for a particular SIM.
  2. A icon will appear. Click the icon.
  3. A dialog will appear, allowing you to add, change, or remove expiration settings for the selected SIM.

For more information about the Expiry function, please refer to the Expiration page.

Edit Group Settings
  1. Find the Group column for a particular SIM that belongs to a group.
  2. Click the name of the group to open its settings page.

Searching for SIMs

In addition to performing SIM management tasks, Soracom provides several methods to quickly locate a SIM (subscriber), simplifying the management of a large number of SIMs.

When searching using the User Console, API, or CLI, please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Search terms must contain at least two characters.
  • Search terms are not case sensitive.
  • Search results will include partial matches as well as exact matches.
  • For multi-value tags, the search API will search all the values and return results of any match.
  1. Login to the User Console. From the Menu, open the SIM Management screen.

  2. Click the button. This will bring up the following dialogue.

SIM Search

Searching By Attributes

By default, the search will match any of the SIM attributes below. To limit your search to a specific attribute, click the button next to the search box, and select the attribute you want to search.

Select Attribute


Filtering By Attribute

You can further filter the list according to Subscriber Status . Click the next to Filter by Status , then change the next to each status to show or hide SIMs with the corresponding status as needed.

Filter Status

You can also filter according to Session Status of either online or offline by clicking the next to Filter by Session Status and changing the next to either Online or Offline


Additionally, you can filter according to Subscription and Module Type

Filter Options


Groups allows you to easily manage options for multiple SIMs. Groups can be used to simply group SIMs together for ease of management, or can be used to configure additional Soracom services (such as Beam, Funnel, Funk, or Harvest).

SIM Groups

The Groups screen allows you to create and modify groups in your account.

For additional information on Groups usage, please refer to the Groups documentation .

Event Handler

The Event Handler screen allows you to create custom SIM management actions, such as sending an email notification when a SIM uses a certain amount of data, or controlling SIM bandwidth.

SIM Event Handler

Event handlers can be customized for all SIMs in your account, a group of SIMs, or even a single SIM. Refer to the Event Handler documentation for more details on creating event handlers.


The VPG screen allows you to add, remove, and configure Virtual Private Gateways. For additional information on VPG features and configuration options, refer to the VPG documentation .

Virtual Private Gateway


The Orders screen allows you to purchase devices and SIMs directly from Soracom, and manage your order history.


Once an order has been shipped, order tracking details will become visible within the Order Status section of your order history in the User Console. These details will include the name of the delivery company and tracking number(s), and clicking the delivery company link will take you to the delivery company's shipment status inquiry page, where you can enter the tracking number to check the delivery status.


When purchasing from the User Console, there is a limit on the number of items that can be purchased at a time. If you would like to purchase more than the limit, please create multiple orders or contact our sales team.

When purchasing Air SIMs directly from the User Console, you can register all SIMs within each order directly from the Orders screen. For additional information, refer to the Air SIM Registration documentation.

Select Air SIMs are also available at Amazon . In some cases, purchasing from Amazon may be cheaper even with shipping included.


The Billing screen allows you to view and download billing details and statements, and manage your payment method.



The Shipping Addresses screen allows you to add, remove, or update shipping addresses tied to your account for future orders.



The Security screen allows you to manage users and roles, credential sets, password, and multi-factor authentication settings.


When logging in as a SAM user, the Multi-factor Authentication option will apply only for the logged-in SAM user, and the Default SAM Permission Configuration option will not be shown.