Coupons & Discounts

Soracom is committed to helping developers with their IoT projects by providing coupons that can be used towards payment of various platform fees, as well as discounts that automatically reduce the cost of device, service, or option fees on the Soracom platform.


Occasionally, coupons may be provided as part of a promotion or campaign, or included with the purchase of a Soracom product or starter kit.

Any coupons registered to your Soracom account will be automatically applied to your next invoice before you are billed for service fees.

Some Soracom coupons are valid only for data usage charges or other service-specific charges, and will not apply to other charges in your account, such as daily basic fees or optional services.

Generally, coupons will be automatically registered to your Soracom account when you register or activate a SIM card or device purchased directly from Soracom. However, if you purchased your Soracom SIM card or device from a reseller and received a coupon as part of your purchase, you may need to manually register your coupon.

Register a Coupon

If you received a Soracom coupon, you can manually register it to your account.

  1. Login to the User Console. Click your account menu, then select Manage coupons.

    Manage coupons

  2. Click the Register a coupon button.

    Register a coupon

  3. Enter your coupon code. The coupon code will look similar to CC-202001-ABCD-0000-0000. Then click Register.

    Register coupon

Once registered, your coupon will automatically be applied to your next invoice.

Each coupon contains an expiration date. If your coupon expires before the balance is used, the coupon will become invalid and any remaining balance will not apply to any future invoices.


Soracom offers two types of discounts which automatically apply to service fees.

Volume Discount

If you have more than 100 Active or Inactive plan01s SIMs in your account, a basic fee volume discount will be automatically applied to the basic fee for each Active or Inactive SIM card after your first 100 SIM cards.

Additionally, when using plan01s SIMs in the United States or Canada, Soracom provides a data usage volume discount, which reduces the per-MB cost as you use more data. Data usage volume discounts apply to the total pooled data usage (with United States and Canada counted as separate pools), ensuring that you receive the discount for all of your devices, regardless of how data is consumed from one device to another.

For more information on Volume Discounts, refer to the Pricing & Fee Schedule.

Long Term Discounts

If you are using plan-D or plan-K SIM cards, a basic fee long term discount is available upon request. The long term discount is useful for customers who anticipate long term usage (1 year or greater) of either SIM cards, and provides a discount to the daily basic fee associated with each.

For additional information regarding long term discounts, please contact us.