Soracom Lagoon 3 has been released! Soracom Lagoon 2 will be deprecated on May 31, 2024.

Here are the key details regarding this transition:

  • Lagoon 2 data before April 17, 2023 at 18:00 (JST) has been automatically migrated to Lagoon 3.
  • New Lagoon 2 data created after this date should be manually migrated before Lagoon 2 is deprecated. Once deprecated, dashboards will no longer be viewable and alerts will also stop.
  • Lagoon 2 alerts were copied to Lagoon 3 but were disabled by default to avoid duplicate alerting. Once you are satisfied with your Lagoon 3 configuration, alerts can be re-enabled.
  • Some features from Lagoon 2 may not directly translate to Lagoon 3. After the migration, we recommend checking to ensure your dashboards are operating as expected. Should you encounter any unexpected behaviour, adjust your settings accordingly.

Soracom Lagoon is a customizable dashboard service that allows you to build detailed visualizations for your IoT application. Lagoon extends data collected on Soracom Harvest, and lets you easily visualize your application data without setting up any infrastructure.


Versions & Migration

With the release of Lagoon 3, Soracom Lagoon uses Grafana v9.3 . Please refer to the Grafana documentation when configuring Panels or Alerts .

The Lagoon console is available in two versions; Lagoon 2 and Lagoon 3. Lagoon is based on Grafana, an Open-source Software (OSS) with Lagoon 2 and Lagoon 3 based on different versions of Grafana. Lagoon 3 is newer and offers more flexibility and enhanced features.

If you used Lagoon 2 before the release of Lagoon 3, you can access both versions at no additional cost.

Here are some of the key differences between Lagoon 2 and Lagoon 3:

For more details, please see the page Comparing Soracom Lagoon 2 and Lagoon 3.


Lagoon generates interactive graphs, tables, lists, maps, and more, to fit a wide variety of application use cases, all without writing any code or complex SQL queries.

While Harvest provides data collection and basic data visualization, Lagoon extends this with the following features.

Charges apply for data export from Harvest Data and Harvest Files

  • When Lagoon 3 operates, it retrieves (exports) data from Harvest Data and Harvest Files, resulting in individual data export charges. For more details, please refer to the extension of the data retention period for SORACOM Harvest Data.
  • Depending on the number of times data is read, and the amount of data read, it may result in increased data export fees. In Lagoon 3, the following actions will incur data export charges:
    • Setting data stored in Harvest Data to the Query in Lagoon 3's Dashboard. Especially when enabling automatic updates of the Dashboard or publishing a Dashboard reflecting the latest data to any third party (Public dashboard), there's a possibility that the data export charge might become substantial.
    • Setting data stored in Harvest Data to the Query in Lagoon 3's Alert rule. Particularly, shortening the evaluation interval of the Alert rule may result in increased data export fees.
  • Regarding Harvest Data, no data export charges will apply if the data retention period extension option for Harvest Data is deactivated.

Dashboards & Panels

Dashboards provide a single-page, at-a-glance view of your application data. Each dashboard is made up of multiple panels, and each panel can be customized to display a graph, table, list, image, heatmap, map, and more. Each panel provides powerful configuration options that let you quickly transform raw data from your devices into visualizations that are easy to understand.


Lagoon provides data monitoring and alert functionality. Simply add an alert rule, and specify the threshold(s) that should trigger an alert. You can then choose to receive a notification by email or on Slack, or integrate it with another web application by using a webhook.


Lagoon allows for easy collaboration by providing sharing options together with access management to give you total control over who can see and access your dashboards.


Dashboards, made up of multiple customizable panels, can be easily shared with team members or customers without granting access to your Soracom account. This not only enhances information exchange but also promotes the creation of reusable panels.

The Pro plan further enhances this feature by allowing per-user access customization for each dashboard using Dashboard Permissions, providing granular control over who can view or edit each dashboard.

Granular Permissions

Lagoon uses a system of access control whereby users are assigned a Role which encompasses a set of permissions. In Lagoon, these Roles are:

Each user can access dashboards by logging into Lagoon with the email address and password of their Lagoon user. By default, editors and viewers will be able to access all Lagoon dashboards in your account, with their respective read/write and read-only permissions.

Using the Lagoon Maker or Pro plans allows you to further customize access for each dashboard on a per-user basis.


Lagoon is available in three plans: Free, Maker, and Pro. Lagoon Pro has the additional option of adding User or Dashboard License Packs. All Soracom accounts have access to the Lagoon Free Plan at no additional cost. You can find an overview of these plans below:

Free Plan:
Ideal for individual users or beginners testing out Lagoon's basic features.

Maker Plan:
Designed for small teams or projects with moderate monitoring needs.

Pro Plan:
Tailored for larger teams or businesses with advanced monitoring requirements.

For more details, see Plans & License Packs.

Switching Plans

You can upgrade or downgrade your Lagoon plan at any time by visiting the Plan & License Packs page of Soracom Lagoon, selecting another plan and then clicking the Update plan button. Plans are region-specific, so when modifying a plan, ensure that you are doing so for the Global or Japan region as needed.

Before downgrading to a different Lagoon plan you must delete any additional dashboards, alerts, users, or settings that would exceed the limits of the updated plan. To downgrade to the Free plan, simply unsubscribe from Lagoon and sign up for the Free plan again.

If you no longer need Lagoon, visit the Plan & License Packs page and select Unsubscribe to cancel your active plan. If you want to make use of Lagoon again at a later time, simply sign up for the Free plan again.

License Packs

The Lagoon Pro Plan can be further extended with optional license packs:


While Soracom Lagoon is built on Grafana, there are additional limitations or restrictions that differ from other Grafana services: