Soracom Harvest is a data collection and visualization service for Soracom Air and Soracom Inventory devices. Harvest provides data storage for your devices, and generates charts from numerical data that can be accessed directly from the User Console.

Soracom Harvest overview

Soracom Harvest also supports file upload and storage! Refer to the File Entry Points section below, as well as the Configuration and File Operations sections.

Data Entry Points

To send data to Harvest, simply configure your device to send data to one of the following entry points:

Air for Cellular

Entry Point Address
HTTP http://harvest.soracom.io
TCP tcp://harvest.soracom.io:8514
UDP udp://harvest.soracom.io:8514
SMS 901031
USSD *901031*{value}#

Air for Sigfox and Air for LoRaWAN

Data is captured automatically from the device. Configuring the device to send data to a specific entry point is not required.

Soracom Inventory

Entry Point Address
HTTP https://api.soracom.io/v1/devices/{DEVICE-ID}/publish?device_secret={DEVICE-KEY-SECRET}

File Entry Points

To upload files to Harvest, simply configure your device to send file data to the following entry point:

Air for Cellular

Entry Point Address
HTTP http://harvest-files.soracom.io

You can also download files from the same endpoint.

Uploading or downloading files using other protocols, or using Air for Sigfox, Air for LoRaWAN, or Soracom Inventory devices, is not supported.

Chart Types

Harvest automatically generates line, bar, and stacked bar charts for numerical data, as well as map charts for geographical location data.

When sending numerical data to Harvest using JSON format, Harvest will automatically plot each key in the JSON object as a separate series, using the time that each data point was received as the X-axis value, and the numerical value as the Y-axis value.

To generate map charts, your JSON data should include lat latitude and lng longitude keys.


Harvest does not provide any encryption for received data or files. If you require encryption, please ensure that your data is encrypted before sending it to Harvest. Note that when data is encrypted, charts will not be generated.


By default, Harvest will provide data storage for up to 40 days. An extended data retention option of 2 years(731 days) is available.

When uploading files to Harvest, each file will be stored for 731 days and automatically deleted after. Harvest does not provide additional storage terms for files.


When sending data to Harvest, the following limitations apply:

When uploading files to Harvest, the following limitations apply:

When uploading files to Harvest, Harvest has no limitations for which types of files that can be uploaded

Free Tier

Soracom provides a free tier for Harvest Data with each Soracom account. Refer to the Pricing & Fee Schedule for more information.