Enabling Funnel will incur fees based on the number of requests made. Refer to the Pricing & Fee Schedule for more information.

Soracom Funnel settings are found in Soracom Air or Soracom Inventory group settings.

Funnel settings are shared among all device types within the same group. This means that you can configure Funnel for one device type (cellular, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, or Inventory), and all other device types within that group will also use the same Funnel settings.

If you want to use different Funnel settings for different device types, simply create multiple groups each with different Funnel settings, and assign your devices accordingly.

To configure Funnel, open the settings page of the group that you want to configure.

Underneath the Basic Settings tab, click the SORACOM Funnel panel to expand its settings.

Funnel configuration

Enable Funnel by switching the option to ON.

You can then select the Service where you would like Funnel to forward data, and provide configuration parameters for the service.

Funnel uses TLS 1.2. Please ensure to configure your cloud service to support TLS 1.2.


When selecting the Amazon Kinesis Streams service, you can additionally set:

Advanced Configuration

Funnel can also be configured through the Soracom API or CLI by using the SoracomFunnel namespace.

Configuration Structure

"SoracomFunnel": {
  "enabled": true|false,
  "destination": {
    "provider": "aws"|"azure"|"google",
    "service": "aws-iot"|"kinesis"|"firehose"|"eventhubs"|"pubsub",
    "resourceUrl": ""
  "credentialsId": "my-credentials",
  "contentType": ""|"json"


Enable or disable Funnel:

Modify the Funnel destination:

Modify credentials to use for authentication:

Modify data processing behavior:

Sample configuration

    "key": "enabled",
    "value": true
    "key": "destination",
    "value": {
      "provider": "aws",
      "service": "kinesis",
      "resourceUrl": ""
    "key": "credentialsId",
    "value": "my-credentials"
    "key": "contentType",
    "value": "json"