Website Entry Point

This entry point behaves similarly to the HTTP entry point, accepting HTTP requests from an Air for Cellular device and forwarding the request to the forwarding destination via HTTP or HTTPS. Unlike the HTTP entry point, this entry point will automatically map any URI path from the original HTTP request to the forwarding destination. For example, an HTTP request sent to will be forwarded to without the need of defining the URI path within Beam.


Entry Point

Your device should be configured to send data to: or


Refer to the Header Manipulations documentation for additional details.


The Website entry point has the same behavior as the HTTP entry point.

Advanced Configuration

The Website entry point can also be configured through the Soracom API or CLI by using the SoracomBeam namespace.

Configuration should be performed using as the configuration key value.



    "key": "",
    "value": {
      "name": "test",
      "destination": "",
      "enabled": true,
      "addSubscriberHeader": true,
      "addSimIdHeader": true,
      "addMsisdnHeader": true,
      "customHeaders": {
        "X-GROUP-NAME": {
          "action": "replace",
          "headerKey": "X-GROUP-NAME",
          "headerValue": "TEST"
      "addSignature": true,
      "psk": {
        "$credentialsId": "CredentialsID"
      "addAuthorizationHeader": {
        "enabled": false