Ask AI (ChatGPT API) with SORACOM Harvest Data Intelligence

You can ask AI questions about the data stored in Harvest Data

  • Activating the extended data retention option will incur data export charges. If you have the extended data retention option enabled, you will incur data export charges (charges for reading from Harvets Data) each time you check your data.
  • If you have disabled the extended data retention option for Harvest Data, you will not incur data export charges for reviewing your data.

Harvest Data Intelligence uses the model ChatGPT (gpt-35-turbo) provided by Azure OpenAI Service.


If you do not see your device, check the coverage you selected. in the initial step


The selected question content and the data selected in the previous steps will be sent to the AI. After a brief period of time, the answer wil be displayed. You can continue to ask the AI additional questions following the same process.

When "Data size is too large. Please select a field or reduce the number of data points." is displayed, there is too much data to send. Please shorten the target period or reduce the amount of data.

  • By selecting [Input Data] you can check the data sent to the AI among the data saved in Harvest Data.
  • After re-selecting the data, you will see the message The displayed data is different to the previous input data. Would you like me to start using this new data when answering questions? Click Use Previous or Use New Data to continue.
  • Clicking [x] will erase all previous conversations with AI.