Soracom Canal is a network connectivity service that directly connects Soracom Virtual Private Gateways to AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks through AWS Peering Connections or using AWS Transit Gateway.

As the Soracom platform is built on top of AWS infrastructure, Soracom Canal provides a performant, cost-effective, and secure way to connect Soracom Air for Cellular devices directly to your AWS VPC, or other private networks that utilize AWS Transit Gateway.

Soracom Canal overview

When creating a VPG in order to utilize Soracom Canal, you can also choose to disable Internet gateway functionality within the VPG. With this configuration, Air devices will be blocked from communicating directly with Internet resources, while still being able to connect to network resources in your VPC, as well as other Soracom platform services.

Moreover, you can selectively choose which Air devices should be able to connect to your VPC, by simply attaching or detaching them from the VPG.

For additional information on AWS VPCs, refer to the AWS VPC documentation.


Soracom Type-C VPGs are compatible with AWS Peering Connections, and can be used to securely establish private networking to your AWS VPC.

The newer Type-F VPGs are compatible with both Peering Connections as well as AWS Transit Gateways.

Peering Connections can be managed directly from the User Console.

To enable connectivity with AWS Transit Gateways, please contact us.