Soracom Door provides connectivity to customer systems outside of Amazon Web Services environments using a virtual private network connection.

  • For connectivity to private networking services provided by AWS VPC, please use Soracom Canal instead.
  • For connectivity to private networking services using a physical dedicated line, please use Soracom Direct instead.

Door provides connectivity from the Soracom platform to private networks using AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.

Soracom Door overview

With Soracom Door, you can connect your Soracom Virtual Private Gateway to your on-premise or cloud networks using VPN connections, and enable your Soracom Air SIM devices to access private network resources within a closed environment.


Soracom Door requires:

Application Process

To apply for access to Soracom Door, please contact us with the following information:

Please note: Applications are approved on a conditional basis. In some cases, we may not be able to approve access to Soracom Door due to technical limitations or unsuitable use cases.

Once approved, Soracom will request your authorization to create a Type-F Virtual Private Gateway in your Soracom account with the VPN configuration, or to add the VPN configuration to an existing Type-F VPG. After the VPG has been set up, you will receive details of the VPG ID and VPN connections from Soracom.

You can then use the VPN connection information to establish the VPN connection with the VPN endpoint in your private network.

Once the VPN connection has been established, you can then assign your Soracom Air SIM devices to a group , and configure the group to attach to the VPG.