Soracom Door provides connectivity to customer systems outside of Amazon Web Services environments using a virtual private network connection.

  • For connectivity to private networking services provided by AWS VPC, please use Soracom Canal instead.
  • For connectivity to private networking services using a physical dedicated line, please use Soracom Direct instead.

Door provides connectivity from the Soracom platform to private networks using AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.

Soracom Door overview

With Soracom Door, you can connect your Soracom Virtual Private Gateway to your on-premise or cloud networks using VPN connections, and enable your Soracom Air SIM devices to access private network resources within a closed environment.


Soracom Door requires:

Application Process

To apply for access to Soracom Door, please submit a support ticket and select I want to apply for a Soracom Door connection from the Which category best describes your inquiry? dropdown menu.

The following information will be required by the form:

Field Explaination
Company Name and Address Your company name and address
Door Use Case Your use case and why it requires a Door VPN connection
VPG ID for Door Connection The ID of the Type-F VPG you would like to make a connection to
The Router or Cloud Provider You Are Using The make and model of your AWS VPN-compatible router or the name of the cloud service you are connecting to
Your Router or Cloud Instance's Global IP Address The Global IP address to be used for the VPN connection
Routing Type Whether you would like to use Static or Dynamic routing
IP Address Range If you select Static routing you will be asked to provide the range to route to
AS Number If you select Dynamic routing you will be asked to provide the Autonomous System (AS) number for your network

Please note: Applications are approved on a conditional basis. In some cases, we may not be able to approve access to Soracom Door due to technical limitations or unsuitable use cases.

Configuration and Use

Once your application is approved, Soracom's support team will provide the needed information to create the VPN connections between your Soracom VPG and the VPN endpoint within your private network.

After establishing the VPN connection, you utilize it by assigning Soracom Air SIMs to a group and associating that group with your Type-F VPG.