Viewing Data

Viewing Data from a Single Device

To view Harvest data, first select the device you want to view.

From the User Console, click the Menu button, then:

Then, from the list of devices in your account, click the for the device you want to view. Then click the Actions button, and select Harvest Data.

Device list

By default, Harvest will show data from the past 24 hours. To change the time range, use the time range fields next to the Search button.


Harvest can also display data as a Map if the data received is sent as Longitude lon and Latitude lat


If your device is actively sending data to Harvest, you can also enable Auto refresh, which will automatically update the time range to the current time.

Viewing Data from Multiple Devices

From the Harvest data chart page, you can add Harvest data from another device. Simply click the Add resource button, then select the resource type, and enter the device ID.

You can also select multiple devices from the device list view before clicking Actions and selecting Harvest Data.