This service is currently available as a beta release. Functionality may be subject to change.

Soracom Peek is a managed packet capture service which collects the IP packets of traffic from devices that use Soracom Air for Cellular SIM cards. Peek gives you the ability to inspect the network behavior of your devices, even if your device or server doesn't support packet capturing. Peek allows you to capture packets quickly and easily, without setting up any servers to mirror or inspect traffic.

Peek overview

Peek works by capturing the packets of all IP traffic that passes through a Virtual Private Gateway (VPG). After creating a VPG and assigning SIMs to it, all cellular network traffic to and from the devices will be routed through the VPG.

Then, when you request packet capture, Peek will create a packet capture session which will collect all IP traffic in the VPG throughout the duration of the session.

Peek provides a simple and secure way to capture packets, and can be used in many situations where you are typically unable to inspect your devices network behavior:



To capture packets using Peek:


Before using Peek, please be aware of the following limitations:


Compared to Junction

While Peek provides similar packet capturing functionality as Junction, there are some important differences.

Peek automatically creates a pcap file after a packet capture session finishes. Unlike Junction, you cannot download or inspect packets while they are being captured.

The maximum duration of a Peek packet capture session is limited to 24 hours.

Soracom Junction does not have these limitations, and is therefore better suited if you need real-time monitoring or the ability to capture packets for durations longer than 24 hours.