Rendezvous Points


Rendezvous Points are network infrastructure regions where Soracom Air for Cellular devices establish IP network connectivity. When an Air for Cellular device connects to a mobile network, the cellular connection will be routed to one of Soracom's rendezvous points in order to connect to the Internet, as well as to access Soracom platform services such as Beam, Funnel, Funk, and Harvest.

For plan01s (including planP1 and planX1 subscriptions) and plan01s - LDV SIMs, the default infrastructure region is based in Frankfurt, Germany. By default, the network connection of all devices will be routed to this infrastructure region, regardless of where the device is located in the world:

Without Rendezvous Point

With a rendezvous point, the network connections for certain devices will be routed to a closer infrastructure region:

With Rendezvous Point

List of Rendezvous Points

Currently, Soracom maintains the following rendezvous points. Routing is based on the country where the network connection originates.

Device Location Rendezvous Point
Japan Tokyo (Japan)
United States Oregon (United States)
All other countries Frankfurt (Germany)

For example, if your device connects to a cellular network in the United States, its network connection will be routed to the Oregon infrastructure region, and Internet connectivity and Soracom platform services will be provided through this region.