Contact Support

You can create a support request from the Soracom User Console.

Creating a Support Request

  1. Login to the User Console. Click Support, then select Contact us.

    Contact Us

  2. You will be redirected to the Soracom Support Site. If you have existing support requests, you can see them there.

  3. In the Soracom Support Site, select "Submit a request".

    Submit a request

  4. You will see the support request form. Fill out the form and submit it.

Please note the following when opening a support request:

  • For issues such as communication outages, please check the Soracom Status Dashboard for any ongoing incidents before submitting a ticket.
  • Tickets can only be created by following the process above. Soracom does not have a general support email address that can be used to open a ticket. Phone and chat support are not available.
  • If you have multiple issues you would like to inquire about, please open a single support ticket for all of them.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible in your question. For example, the symptoms of the issue, the time or time period in which the problem occurred, how often the issue occurs, or the impact of the issue on the production environment. The more information that is provided the better our team will be able to assist you.
  • When inquiring about specific resources, please include the relevant resource ID, such as the SIM ID, Group ID, or VPG ID.
  • Even if you have not yet received an initial response from Soracom support after creating a ticket, you can still add additional information to the ticket. You do not need to create a new ticket to share more information.
  • If a certain period passes without a reply, the support ticket will be automatically set to 'Resolved' status, but you can reopen the inquiry if you have additional questions.
  • If you reply using an email address that is not registered with your Soracom account, your reply may not be visible to our support agents. If the email address registered as your Soracom account is a mailing list or a shared email address, please log in to the support site and use the web form instead of replying from your email address.
  • If additional emails are added to your support email addresses list, you will be able to reply from those email addresses as well. If replying via email from an address on this list, please always use Reply to All in the mailer.

The Scope of Soracom Support

At Soracom, our dedication to customer satisfaction includes providing top-notch technical support for all our products and services. We understand that identifying the root of a technical issue can sometimes be challenging. Our Customer Reliability Engineering team is here to assist you in determining whether an issue is related to Soracom's offerings. If we find that the concern falls outside our scope, such as with third-party software, custom code, cellular hardware, or non-Soracom services, we will guide you toward the appropriate third-party support resources. While our direct technical assistance is focused on Soracom products and services, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the guidance needed to address your concerns effectively.

Utilizing the Soracom Support Bot

When the selected inquiry category is "I have a question about technical specifications or usage", the Soracom Support Bot can automatically generate a response based on Soracom documentation and the information entered in the "Subject" and "Description" sections.

Submit a request

Please be aware of the following points when using the Soracom Support Bot

  • The accuracy of the answers is not guaranteed.
  • Soracom Support Bot cannot answer questions about Limited Preview or Private Beta services.
  • Soracom Support Bot is unable to review any files attached to your request.
  • Errors may occur in cases such as when there are too many characters in your inquiry.
  • For the conditions of use of this bot and the handling of input data, please see our Terms and Conditions for the Soracom Support Services and our Privacy Policy.
  • For information on how your data is processed by Azure OpenAI Service, please see Microsoft Privacy Policy

The maximum number of interactions with the Soracom Support Bot is 5; you will receive an answer based on the conversation within a support ticket.

  • If you would like a response from our support staff, please reply with the message "I would like a response from your support staff."
  • Soracom Support Staff will reply to you after you have reached the limit of the number of conversations.