Data Collection with Harvest

Devices managed by Inventory can easily send any arbitrary data to Harvest for data collection and visualization. Sending data is performed using the Soracom API, and is authenticated using the device ID and secret key.

Because a device will send data using the Soracom API rather than one of Harvest's entry points, data collection from Inventory devices can be done without using a Soracom Air cellular connection.

Send Data to Harvest

Since data is sent to Harvest using the Soracom API, simply use an HTTP GET or POST request.

First, ensure that your device belongs to a group, and that Harvest has been enabled for that group.

Then, use one of the following methods:

curl -X GET \
>  -H 'X-Device-Secret: <SECRET-KEY>' \
curl -X GET \
curl -X POST \
>  -H 'X-Device-Secret: <SECRET-KEY>' \
>  -d '{
>        "temp": 20
>      }' \