Enabling Endorse will incur fees based on the number of devices where the service is enabled. Refer to the Pricing & Fee Schedule for more information.

Soracom Endorse settings are found in Soracom Air for Cellular group settings.

  1. Login to the User Console. From the Menu, open the Groups screen.

  2. From the list of groups, click the name of the group you want to configure to open its settings page.

    You can also open the group settings page directly from the SIM Management screen. Simply find a SIM that currently belongs to the group you want to configure, then click the group name.

  3. From the Basic Settings tab, click the SORACOM Endorse panel to expand its settings.

    Endorse configuration

  4. Enable Endorse by switching the option to ON.

  5. Configure any of the Options below.

  6. Click the Save button at the bottom of the panel.

Once Endorse has been enabled and configured, it will be immediately available to any Air for Cellular subscriber that belongs to the group.


Advanced Configuration

Endorse can also be configured through the Soracom API or CLI by using the SoracomEndorse namespace.

Configuration Structure

"SoracomEndorse": {
  "enabled": true|false,
  "parametersToEndorse" {
    "simId": true|false,
    "imsi": true|false,
    "imei": true|false,
    "msisdn": true|false,
    "requestParameters": true|false
  "tokenTimeoutSeconds": 600,
  "allowOrigin": "",
  "authorizedRedirectUrls": []


Enable or disable Endorse:

Modify which parameters are included in Endorse tokens.

Modify the token TTL:

Modify URL for use in CORS headers:

Modify URLs that are authorized for redirection from Endorse:


    "key": "enabled",
    "value": true
    "value": {
      "simId": true,
      "imsi": true,
      "imei": true,
      "msisdn": false,
      "requestParameters": true
    "key": "tokenTimeoutSeconds",
    "value": 600
    "key": "allowOrigin",
    "value": ""
    "key": "authorizedRedirectUrls",
    "value": ["", "http://localhost:3000"]