Downloading Data

To download Harvest data, first open the Harvest Data screen for one or more devices by following the instructions from the Viewing Data documentation.

Below the chart, click the Download menu, then select the data format you want to download.

Once the data has been prepared, your download will begin automatically.

Programmatic Usage

You can also use the Soracom API or Soracom CLI to download data.

Soracom API

Send an HTTP GET request to the getDataFromSubscriber API endpoint, specifying the subscriber IMSI in the request URL:

curl -X GET \
>  -H "X-Soracom-API-Key: <MY-API-KEY>" \
>  -H "X-Soracom-Token: <MY-TOKEN>" \

Data will be returned in JSON format:

    "time": 1479350871000,
    "contentType": "application/json",
    "content": "{\"temperature\":20}"
    "time": 1479350881000,
    "contentType": "application/json",
    "content": "{\"temperature\":25}"
    "time": 1479350891000,
    "contentType": "application/json",
    "content": "{\"temperature\":20}"

For other devices, you can use their corresponding API methods:

  • Sigfox devices - getDataFromSigfoxDevice
  • LoRa devices - getDataFromLoraDevice

Soracom CLI

Downloading data with the Soracom CLI works similarly:

soracom data get --imsi {IMSI} --coverage-type g

For other devices, you can use their corresponding commands:

  • Sigfox devices - soracom sigfox-devices get-data
  • LoRa devices - soracom lora-devices get-data