Soracom Junction is a packet management service that provides packet inspection, mirroring, and redirection functionality. Junction is a feature of Virtual Private Gateways that allows you to monitor all traffic passing through the VPG at the networking level in order to troubleshoot or detect problems that may affect application performance.

Using Junction requires a Virtual Private Gateway. Refer to the Virtual Private Gateway documentation for more information.



When Junction Inspection is enabled, packets that pass through the VPG are parsed and statistical information is sent to a specified destination, which can then be used to construct visualizations for traffic analysis.

Soracom Junction Inspection Mode


When Junction Mirroring is enabled, the VPG will send a copy of each packet that passes through the VPG to a specified destination. Mirroring enables you to capture, monitor, or inspect network traffic with common network inspection tools in order to check that Air for Cellular devices are behaving expectedly, without affecting existing networking connectivity.

Soracom Junction Mirroring Mode


When Junction Redirection is enabled, the VPG will forward all packets to a specified destination. Redirection allows you to receive all VPG traffic on your network, and in turn perform routing and traffic shaping within your own networking environment. With Redirection, you can implement custom networking solutions on a private network without worrying about carrier network configurations or limitations.

Soracom Junction Redirection Mode

Redirection requires Gate and Gate Peer Configuration. Refer to the Gate documentation for more information.