Account Password

Access to your Soracom account is primarily provided by primary email address and password login credentials. These login credentials are set at the time you create your Soracom account, and can be updated in case you need to associate your Soracom account with a different email address or want to change your password for security.

Your primary email address and password login credentials represent the root or admin credentials of your Soracom account, and provide complete and unrestricted access to all aspects of your account, including accessing the User Console and generating tokens for use with the Soracom API or CLI.

Updating your Email Address

You may update your Primary Email Address from the Email Settings section of your account. Please refer to the Email Settings documentation for more information.

Changing your Password

These instructions will change the password for the currently logged-in user. In other words, if you are logged in using your root account email address and password, these instructions will only change the password associated with your email address. Similarly, if you are logged in as a SAM User, only your user's password will be changed.

If you want to change or reset the password of a different SAM User, you must login using either your root account email address and password or as a SAM User with sufficient permissions, and then follow the Users & Roles documentation to change a SAM User's password.

  1. Login to the User Console.

  2. Click your account menu, then select Security.

    Account security

  3. Click the Password tab.

    Change password

  4. Enter your Current password, a New password, and click on the Change password button.

Resetting your Password

If you have lost the password for your root account and cannot login to your account, you can reset your password using the instructions below:

  1. Open the User Console. Below the login section, click the Forgot password? link.

    Forgot password

  2. Enter the Email address associated with your Soracom account, then click the Reset password button.

    Reset password

  3. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

    Confirm email

    Click the link in the email to confirm resetting your password.

  4. When prompted, enter a new Password for your account, then click the Save button.

    Set a new password

    Once your password has been saved, you will be redirected to the login screen in order to log into your account.

Additional Security

Users & Roles

If you are using your Soracom account as part of an organization, you can create additional login credentials for your colleagues or teammates to access the account without sharing the root account email address and password.

Additional login credentials are managed by Soracom Access Management (SAM), a feature built into Soracom which gives you the ability to create multiple users and roles, and optionally control which parts of the User Console each user is allowed to access.

For more information, refer to the Users & Roles documentation.

SAM Users can also be configured for programmatic access, so that your server or cloud service can interact with your Soracom account directly via the Soracom API or CLI, without enabling User Console access.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In order to provide an additional layer of security for password-based login credentials, Soracom supports the use of Multi-Factor Authentication. By enabling MFA, a user will be required to enter a temporary 6-digit code in order to verify themselves before logging on to the User Console.

MFA can be individually enabled for the root account, as well as for individual SAM Users.

For more information, refer to the Multi-Factor Authentication documentation.

Recovery Email Address

You can add a Recovery Email Address to your account which will be used by Soracom to contact you in the event that you have lost access to your Primary Email Address and cannot reset your root account password. This may be useful in a multi-user organization where you would like to designate a second individual who is authorized to recover access to your Soracom account.

For more information, refer to the Email Settings documentation.